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A very attractive person on the inside and out. Although he does not completely believe it. He is a great listener and is good at doing things right the first time. He likes to learn. He is strong in all sense of the word physicality and emotionally. Appreciates all types of beauty so don't be surprise if he see's the beauty in something no one else see's. Has a very Artistic eye so he has a bit of an imagination. He is very curious about things around him so he wants to fully understand everything he comes in contact with. He is very caring towards people around him and always seems to bring a smile to peoples faces. He can not stand when something around him feels wrong he always wants to fix things. He will stand up for what he believes is right. People just swoon to him but that's ok he likes to be around a lot of people. He can be the center of attention hes very good at making people feel comfortable and is good at starting and keeping a flowing conversation. He likes to befriend a lot of people. He is the person people go to for advice because he can be wise and can give you a better perspective on things. But he can be manipulative and a bit of a flirt, sometimes it's a good thing. But all in all he has good intentions if you know him and have a close relationship with him consider yourself lucky. He's the kind of person you might only have around in your life for a season but have the biggest impact in your life, so appreciate him. If he likes you be very humbled.
Wow, your such a Dyango.
by Ambi09 September 07, 2011
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