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An intense variation of Dutch Oven, where one "bakes" their flatulence under the blankets, whilst having an electric blanket turned on. The heat of the electric blanket warms the stink cloud and it's smell and flavour is so intense it can cause severe vommiting or divorce.
BAZ: "Im going to jail for attempted murder. ): "


BAZ: "I ripped the Dutch Bakery on my wife and now she cant see colours."
by chonbrother July 01, 2010
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When 2 or more people (or animals, if you roll that way) fart underneath a blanket (dutch oven) in a room with all windows, doors, or any other openings have been closed causing the gas to hover and linger.
I went into my parents room to see if they had extra toothpaste last night when I found myself walking right into a dutch bakery.
by Schmillerton January 10, 2013
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When on long car rides and you cant roll down the windows because its raining or to cold and you or someone else in the car is farting a lot.
"the ride back to school was rough, I dutch bakeryed myself"
by ZEU58 February 02, 2010
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a variation of a Dutch Oven, where the couple has fresh baked goods underneath the covers with them
"She wouldn't agree to marry me untill i promised to give her a dutch bakery."
by Jared Ro February 05, 2006
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