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Dusty the cat is that of Kenny Glenn. Kenny Glenn is a 13-year-old wannabe serial killer and soon-to-be anally raped juvie prisoner who posted videos on YouTube of himself abusing his cat Dusty. When this heinous act came to the attention of the fearless crime-fighters of the Internet Vigilante Group, it took less than 24 hours to identify, locate and dispatch the Party Van over to pick up the little shit and his camfag pal.

Dusty the cat was liberated and turned over to local veterinary for a check-up. Dusty fought to survive the faggot's attacks, knowing the one day he would be saved.

For his bravery, the 15th of Feburary is Dusty day. He shall go down in caturday history.
P1: Look, Dusty the Cat
P2: Oh, wow.
by Bar Low February 16, 2009
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The name of one tough little grey house cat that took alot of abuse from a teenager by the name of Kenny Glenn
That kid Kenny is going to get his ass beat like he did to Dusty the cat, and then some..
by ChrisDedede February 16, 2009
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The supreme ruler of all cats, yes, even more than LIMECAT.
<Moron> Help! im being attacked by rabid penises!
<dusty> *flies in to safty*
by Goatse lover December 30, 2003
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