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Dust Juice is often used to refer to liquid PCP in which a cigarette is dipped, to be ingested through smoking, commonly known as "embalming fluid". The name originated from PCP's "numbing" effect and the feeling of physical dissociation from the body, and has led to the widespread (mistaken) belief that the liquid is made up of or contains real embalming fluid. Smoking actual formaldehyde is deadly and causes intoxication. A juiced cigarette sells for about $10 to $25 in the States and around $80 to $100 for a pack. PCP can cause a certain kind of brain damage called Olney's lesions and prolonged use leads to symptoms similar to schizophrenia.
"Do you wanna get wet? I got some dust juice, it'll make you feel like superman."
by Kiserious April 24, 2010
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