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A parody meme originating from a video made by IHE on YouTube as part of his "I hate Damn Daniel Video".
*points at random plant* DURR PLANT!
by Kizzlestikz May 24, 2016
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A reductive cynical anti-meme created by YouTube personality I Hate Everything to describe the hopeless ridiculous lack of substance and sense that many memes have. He meant it to show how stupid Damn Daniel is by comparing it to the following; in a video titled 'I HATE DAMN DANIEL', IHE points his finger at a potted plant and shouts 'DURR PLANT! DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR' repeatedly. It was a bizarre and 'random' 'joke', and it perfectly portrayed how memes can originate from something so simple, it's hard to find out why people find it funny. This completely backfired for IHE because 'DURR PLANT' became an actual meme and got its own Know Your Meme page. This in turn escalated IHE's point, and he made a video titled 'I HATE DURR PLANT (AND JOKE THIEVES)' in which he explains how he never intended 'Durr Plant' to be an actual thing, and how the internet laughs at anything.
Script of Durr Plant
IHE Points at a potted plant.
Internet: Hysterical laughter.
by CORONIUS January 17, 2017
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Originated from a Youtube video by I Hate Everything, designed to show how little effort goes into humor like Deez nuts, What are those, or the topic of the video, Damn Daniel. In the video, he places a potted plant on a table and starts yelling "Durr plant!" repeatedly, while pointing at the plant. This simple joke soon turned into the thing it is mocking, and started spreading across youtube thanks to the fans of IHE.
Person #1: `Hey look there`s a plant."
Person #2: "Durr Plant!"
by Miscellaneous IHE Viewer August 15, 2016
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A beautiful meme in which a man points at a plant and exclaims "Durr plant!" repeatedly.
Man 1: Damn Derek! Back at it again with the white vans!
Man 2: That's not a real meme. You wanna hear a real meme?
Man 1: Sure, go ahead.
Man 1: That has changed me as a person. Thank you.
by Parascout August 29, 2016
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An unintentional meme that was derived from the Damn Daniel meme by youtuber I Hate Everything as a way of mocking Damn Daniel, but ended up becoming a meme itself. It basically involves pointing at a random plant and shouting "DURR PLANT!" over and over.
by AVeryBigDeal August 10, 2016
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Durr plant is an Internet meme commonly used much like Damn Daniel, It was made by a youtuber named IHateEverything While making fun of Damn Danial
"Its like I just When DURR PLANT in a funny voice and it becomes a meme"
by Djpop22 July 28, 2016
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it's a joke making fun of the cancerous meme it self, DAMN DANIEL. it was originally made by the YouTuber called I Hate Every Thing (IHE), and he was talking shit at the damn daniel meme, so in the video he said that everything can be a meme nowdays, so he took a plant, put it in the middle of the floor, pointed at it and said DURR PLANT!
Guy 1 : Damn Guy 2 back at it again with the savage comebacks!

Guy 2 : dude anything can be a meme in 2016, btw DURR PLANT!
by Bubblett July 17, 2016
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