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A vaguely-foreign sounding word that can be melded to substitute for just about any word. Tossing random foreign words into your sentences makes you sound either intelligent or douchey, depending on the company you keep, but it will most certainly make you sound like you know something the other person doesn't. At times, people asking you to translate the word for them can lead to hilarity, as in example 4.
1) "I just want to duntanyan all over your face!"

2) "I did not have duntanyan with that woman!"

3) "This duntanyan is about to be off the hook!"

4) - "Hey man, don't worry about Sheila dumping you, you can still always duntanyan."
- "Dude, what does that mean?"
- "Oh, you've never heard of duntanyan? It's from a Chinese fable and roughly translates to 'cut a hole in a pillow and imagine it to be your lover.'"
- "Oh yeah, well yeah! Of course, I'll still be able to duntanyan!"
by Senor Duntanyan October 30, 2011
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