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A scientific disease caused when ones belly 'dun laps' over there belt.
The common cure is either dieting, exorsize or anorexia.
Yo fattso, do some crunches 'less you rub up on me with your dunlap syndrome and I look like your ex.
by $Jey$ May 03, 2007
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when your stomach " dun lapped" over your pants
Hey that lady over there needs to pull her pants up- she gots Dunlap Syndrome.
by Sasha June 15, 2006
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When someone who is fat and can not see their own penis or vagina while standing up or sitting down cause their belly blocks it.
Wow, that dude over there can't find his penis, must be dun lap syndrome!
by toxicxodrug October 19, 2010
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