Charli Grace Damelio’s beautiful fandom, yes there might be toxic dunkins but what fandom doesn’t have its own toxic side? Their edits and coloring are amazing! Just like every other fandom💕 if you get to know them they are the sweetest people in the world just trying to show love for their idol 😋. But don’t make them mad! They will fight back and they definitely know how to 🤭.

Old fandom name: Charli’s Angels 😇💕‼️
“Ugh the dunkins ruined charlis spam”
Nah dude I think you’re the one ruining it with all your hate 😊‼️“
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Sweet fandom probably there idol is charli d'amelio loving caring fandom like sunraes
Wow did you see that dunkins tiktok it good editing
by Chxxry._.k0uvr July 1, 2020
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Dunkins are Charli Damelio's fans. They are super sweet and will support you no matter what! They make amazing edits and videos of charli. But if you hate on them, better watch out! 😳
Dunkins are underrated.
by thatzoego October 23, 2020
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Dunkins are the name of Charli's fandom. Dunkins are the sweetest fandom. They support every fandom, they are really nice to everyone, for example the huddy gang, zonuts, sunraes, bubbas, bubs, babes, sharkies and many others. They try to keep peace between the fandoms. Some younger ones may be toxic, but older ones are super amazing. Also they are such talented and creative editors. If you are a dunkin, I love you <3
I am a dunkins, I love charli <3
by Eowhwbwin. September 24, 2020
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They are beautiful charli damelio fans. If your reading this and you are a dunkin ilysm you are one in billions and trillions of people that are so kind and supporting please stay strong forever. You guys have to be heathers and ily ALL sm bbys xxx - @.ekla on tiktok
I love dunkins- xx
by Ellapoopooopoo January 21, 2021
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They are very friendly cute and they help others through a bad event
Dunkins are So sweet
by Sofia1234 January 2, 2021
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Dunkins are Charli Damelios fandom. They support Charli no matter what! This recent time they have been receving alot of hate and they have been hating on theirselfs for it! They are nice and sweet humanbeings!
Dunkins are underrated
by Albert Kocev January 17, 2021
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