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You probably only know 1 Dunio, and she's probably the most amazing human being you have ever met. She makes any situation feel less awkward and she always puts other peoples needs before her own. Some people might call psychotic, others may call her a bit aggressive. She is a very intimidating person, in a good way though. She does her best to make other people laugh, and people love her for that. She is protective of her friends and a motherly figure to a lot of people. She is also one of the most intelligent women you will ever meet.She has a personality that can not be described with words alone. If you ever meet a person named Dunio, you are a very lucky person.
"Dunio is so intimidating, yet so creepily nice."

"Wow, I wonder how Dunio can be happy all the time."

"Dunio is such a beautiful lady."
by Imnothuman June 02, 2013
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