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Means the 'world' or 'universe' in Arabic, in the earthly sense.
The 'Dunia' is beautiful ; I would search the 'dunia' for you
by Arabic Princess September 21, 2013
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Means 'The World' in Swahili
"Hii Dunia ni kubwa"
Translation: This world (Dunia' is big
by imcofuzled July 4, 2020
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An intelligent yet quiet girl, usually arab-american, who's had to work hard and get a good education to leave poverty. Usually very beautiful and very charming. If you have a Dunia as a wife or girlfriend, you're one of the luckiest people ever. Dunia is arabic for "the universe"
"Dunia worked 8 to 11 in a coffee shop trying to make ends meat, 2 times a week after school."
by Mount Clemens Blood December 11, 2016
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Beautiful amazing girl with an obsession with frogs. If you are friends with this girl, you are the luckiert person out there. She is a smart, hot, kind and independant woman. Very charming and cute.

She does not have an obsession with fictional characters. She is funny af and will always vibe with u.
by froggies April 20, 2021
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