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The 49% of Americans that support Barack Obama regardless of Obama's outrageous lies, his arrogance, and shear stupidity, because Obama promises them legalized pot, welfare (now termed "Disability), free healthcare, free cell phones, and free kiddie-care for knocked-up sluts. The Dummy Nation would vote for a guy like Obama even if that person was a child rapist and mass murderer, so long as they continue to get easy access to dope and free stuff.
Bertha: I luv Obama - he da best. He be gettin me free stuff, like TV, phone, 'n free money for my retarded chillin cuz my crack-pimp got me big with babies when I was 10, 11 'n twelf - they born retarded.
Rush Limbaugh: So, Bertha, then you are part of the Dummy Nation that would praise Obama no matter what he did, right?
Bertha: Who you callin Dummy, Rush - if someone give you free stuff, is you a Dummy? That racist, Rush.
Rush Limbaugh: No, Bertha, I'm not calling you a Dummy, just that you are now officially a member of the Dummy Nation - the doped up blind supporters of Barack Obama who are easy to bribe with free stuff.
Bertha: Who you callin blind, Rush - I ain't blind. I is Disabled jest so's I can get free Disability. I is gladly part of the Dummy Nation, if that means I get more free stuff, Rush - do dat make me a dummy?
by Ricardovitz April 22, 2013
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