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A combination of Dumb and Verbiage. Essentially stupid words that people invent and define solely so that they have the opportunity to enter them in Urban Dictionary. These words are pointless, define nothing and are usually just an excuse for kids to type words like Poop-shute-ma-goo so that thier friends can giggle at dirty words on the internet.

The kind of crap that has transformed Urban Dictionary from a potentially useful way to get slang definitions into a steaming pile.
Oh look, another stellar example of how dumbage has retardified Urban Dictionary. Who could have anticipated such a thing?!?!?

by daverpdx April 23, 2007
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Damage sustained due to some very stupid action or irrational behavior.
The doctor said he skull sustained a lot of dumbage after he said "Watch this!", and did a back flip from the roof of his tree house.
by ryzhyk March 11, 2018
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