when with an absolute squad, one, or the group as a whole, is considered to be “dumb lit” under any of the following conditions:
1. When you are so sauced dumb lit cannot be pronounced coherently
2. A state in which you feel comfortable with even your shittiest dance moves
3. The state you are in when you consume so much blue UV vodka that there are no words to describe you besides dumb lit

4. The state of mind in which you would consider getting with a relatively ugly girl/guy but your bois/ladies convince you otherwise (*when “stupid lit,” one does it anyways*)
5. When you may be sober, but do something you’d otherwise only do intoxicated, but you’re high on life so you do it anyway
6. When ur so sauced someone says what are the odds and you say 1 out of 2

7. The alcohol equivalent of unbuttoning your pants after a heavy but delicious thanksgiving dinner

8. When you showed up to the party in a button down tucked in...but leave with it untucked and with just one too many buttons undone
9. Alcohol intoxication so potent that you wake up the next morning having ordered bright green crocs on amazon prime and a military grade laser
10. When you are so wasted that the use of this word makes sense

*can apply to people AND places

side note: the moment a “dumb lit” victim yaks, he/she immediately becomes “stupid lit”
Brad: “lets get dumbbbb lit tn
Chad: “brad, you just used the word dumb lit and are therefore already dumb lit... smh
by BudKnight123 July 6, 2018
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When a nigga is fucking hype as shit
Dayquan: damn bruh you see tyrell?

Jaquarius: yeah, that nigga dumb lit.
by bootylicousness April 24, 2016
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A word created by Jorge Perez. Meaning when you see something so dumb but lit at the same time.
Brandon: Hey look at the stanced Tc.

Jorge: damn bro that looks dumb lit!
by Famous_Dex Ok October 6, 2017
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