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a female, typically blonde, who lacks brain cells. the signs of DBS usually come clear in teenage years. DBS has no cure so far and the chances is low that there will ever be one. one can only truly understand it if they have it.
a person suffering with DBS will

* be confused

*vocabulary will be limited and often results to "fuck this fucking fuck"

*make bad decisions and then have a meltdown about it later

*does peace sign a lot after saying a sentence or just out of the middle of know where

*does not do class work ever ever ever

*is really repatative repetitive

*never does assignments and plays coolmathgames instead

*doesnt know what many words mean

*speak their mind often

*are dramatic and over exaggerate

*are dumb

there is no cure yet for Dumb Bitch Syndrome but in rare cases people can grow out of it although there will forever be a little inside of you
good girl; supposedly he died

girl suffering from DBS; what's supposedly

friend; how can you not know that

girl suffering from DBS; I have fucken Dumb Bitch Syndrome (DBS) m8
by skettyassbitches August 27, 2019
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Woman has all the money, cars, bills, etc. and the guy still tells her where to go, how to do it, who she can know, and any other system of control.
Guy #1: "Haven't you known Shannon for like, 15 years? And she's not allowed to go to your wedding?"

Guy #2 "yeah, well her man won't let her go, he thinks she'll cheat with me on my wedding day."

Guy #1 "Wow, if she puts up with that she must have dumb bitch syndrome (DBS). There's no known cure for that either. Sorry to hear about her loss."
by the mindbender October 26, 2009
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