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1. A word that is used to call someone out after a moment of subtle awkwardness or ownage has occurred.

This word is usually used when the moment is related to something sexual or personally embarrassing.

Using DULP:
It is most effective to use DULP when the other people in the room are also aware of the awkwardness or the owange of the situation. You will know when your DULP was successful if the other people in the room chuckle at the DULP.

However, it is acceptable to use the word DULP by yourself. It may be used alone when you have witnessed a subtle awkward situation and feel that a DULP is necessary.

It is also acceptable to use DULP on strangers who are creating an awkward scenario in public. i.e. a PDA. When saying DULP to a stranger you must not actually say DULP directly to them, but say it quietly enough so that your friends can hear the DULP and share a chuckle with you.

Also if none of your friends are present with you, it is even appropriate to say DULP softly to yourself so that you can just have a chuckle with yourself.

In order to say DULP in the correct manner you must use a sharp, reserved, and a somewhat raspy tone.

The person who says DULP and has the purpose of calling out someone who has created a subtle awkward moment.

The person who has been called out with DULP and is currently feeling owned.
With Friends:
A: "Man, i still need to finish the English paper.. its due by tomorrow."

(B looks at syllabus.)

B: "Oooo i think your owned man, according to the syllabus it says it was due by today."

C: "DULP."

With Stranger and a Friend is present:
(A and B are walking together on a sidewalk.)

(S and V are making out on a bench.)

A: "DULP."
by notoriousdjw September 21, 2009
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