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verb. inquiry of comprehension to assess the cognizance of the receiver of the message made by the transmitter of the aforementioned message in an effort to assure the mutual understanding of said message between all parties involved.

noun. colloquially applied to a wide range of items the titles of which are unknown or irrelevant to purveyor of the term, intended as an ambiguous generic term for a wide variety of miscellaneous items to be implemented at the users discretion

adjective. applied to describe a utensil that either provides or requires physical restraint of said device or devices addressed by the adjective form
excuse me sir, i regret to inform you that oilburner you are incinerating while orating your life story is not a recording device; puff and pass, Dugraspum my good man? may i inquire as to where the burgulary tool department is located in this establishment? i require a replacement dugraspum apparatus for mine was confiscated by the authorities. what other variety of dugraspums are available and in stock?
by Captain Dewey D. Graspum December 27, 2012
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