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A mentally ill World of Warcraft player that fits the following criteria:
1)Rolls on all loot, ala the huntard
2)Cries when he must res another player because he's not a healer and shouldn't have to be bringing people back to life
3)Throws a hissy fit when things do not go his way and disbands group and aggros mobs to former group members to create a wipe.
4)Responds to posts about their behavior with second grade level grammar and syntax.
5)Uses "noob" or some variation thereof, at least once per sentence in said responses.
6)Denies this behavior exists. Promotes his own supremacy at Warcraft play.
7)Worst player of a particular class of a particular realm.
That Dugler was pissed because he lost his off-spec roll so he bubble-hearthed after disbanding the group.
by ToToFu December 17, 2008
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