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A type of hair style, usually duflaps are worn by emo kids.

Described as one flap of bangs covering one eye, the hair color is black, or red, or a mixture of un-natural hair colorspink, blue, magenta, indigoDuflaps can be worn on either side of the face but must cover at least ONE eye or both.

If you want a Duflap... you can't ask a barber, because they won't know what the hell you're talking about. Unless the barber themselves are emo. Then maybe they might know.

Duflaps are made often by one cutting one's own hair or by another friend that knows what duflaps look like.
Jenny: Why is Robbie crying?
Tiffany: He has a duflap now... he put so much gel in it, it hardened and poked him in the eye... ouch!
Jenny: Oh man that sucks. Want to buy some ice cream?
Tiffany: Duflaps are cool, I think I'll cut my hair like that! Ya ice cream sounds good.
Jenny: I'll cut it for you if you want..."
Tiffany: nah....
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company June 18, 2005
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