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A girl who has the personality, mannerisms, and character of a guy, but is a girl. The majority of these girls love sports, videogames, beer, science-related stuff, and will make random, inappropriate comments during conversation, just like one of you guy friends would. Most people will call the girls by a nickname/last name, also like guys. They're basically the coolest people you've ever met.

NOTE: This girl does not necessarily have to be ugly/dudish. Some girls I know are hot as hell, and are still really cool.
Chris: Dude, how was Mrs. Clark's essay test?
Tommy: It had to be 500 words, and since I only had one piece of paper I had to write like real small and-
(Lauren walks up to them)
-I was like trying to cram it all in, but it was too small, and she got pissed at me cuz it wouldn't fit.
Lauren: That's what SHE said! See you third period, Chris.
Chris: Later.
Tommy: Who and what the fuck was that?
Chris: Oh, dude, that's Lauren. She's a dude with boobs, like, she's on the softball team and stuff, and she's better than me in Halo. Fucking coolest kid I know.
Tommy: She's fucking hot, too.
Chris: I know, dude... Too bad we're gay.
Tommy: Yeah. Speaking of which, I'll leave my bedroom window open tonight.
Chris: Sweet...
by xCFHx November 04, 2009
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