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- the fear that some of the characters on the politically incorrect reality-show Duck Dynasty might push their pro-heterosexual and basic traditional Christian views on sexuality and sin in the mainstream corporate controlled media

Background: Phil Robertson, one the lead characters on the hit reality show Duck Dynasty gave an interview to GQ magazine, and he promoted a heterosexual and Christian lifestyle, and then the cable channel A&E got word of what he said and notified him and the press that they would NOT be permitting Phil to be in the reality show any longer, in an obvious case of bigotry, oppression and suppression of free speech by a major network

Jim: Did you hear about the suspension of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty by the A&E executives?
Bob: Yup, sure did!

Jim: Why do you think that is?
Bob: Those anti-Christian pro-homosexual executives at A&E are obviously suffering from Duck Dynophobia!
by GlennyJ December 20, 2013
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