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In Illinois, a Muslim that's really your neighbor and working in a 7-11 type joint, a factory or in the medical field in the mid-2000s -- they were often attending Glenbard East and College of DuPage. The Pattern of Diagnosis chronicled an Americanized Muslim doctor that was female who didn't have the hijab as I was a classmate with one in Glenbard East as she often sparred with the males in Judo class and took them down before the teacher said Matte. When September 11, 2001, happened there were a lot of us in Chicago who became worried if this happened in the city instead of New York, because the first place they'd target is Glendale Heights and Bloomingdale, Illinois, because of the Muslim population in the apartments along Fullerton near Glen Oaks as a number of them worked in the medical field. A female version of one might have the balls to sport an American Flag hijab like the one who showed up on Fox News Channel. These are the Muslims who often are trying to speak out against the Islamophobia as sometimes the subject of honor killing shows up in the states ala Scottsdale, AZ.
When you think the Muslim population in Illinois, you have to speak out against the damned stereo types that Chick Tracts often portray or those who are IFB and Jack Van Impe aka The Walking Bible's attitude towards those who are Muslim. A DuPage Muslim you may never know may be operating on your bullet wounds or doing open heart surgery on you; what would you do -- allow them to save your life or in the name of God of IFB's bleed to death and face what Jack T. Chick imagines as The Blank. In 2013, what was originally First Assembly of God in the 1990s became a mosque as Wheaton, Illinois was in for a rude awakening as the educator they singled out for wearing a Hijab. Arabic Christians also address God as Allah like the Muslims do.
by ilinoishorrorman February 14, 2018
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