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An unfortunate situation involving a woman's private area that renders it unappealing to her mate or potential mates.
Man 1: "Hey, you goin' out with Jenny again?"
Man 2: "Hell no. I found out she has a dry biscuit."
Man 1: "Yikes. Good call on that."
by Jbabyj December 14, 2012
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Some thing that has gone wrong or is really bad
Man 1:That fires gone out
Man 2: Dry biscuit
by lysander August 17, 2005
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A phrase with no room to be interpreted sexually. Used when needed to clear the mind of any sexually disturbing or inappropriate thoughts.
andrew: dead baby sex

sarah: dry biscuits
by YourUniquePseudonyHere August 30, 2008
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That sounds like a strange sti you get from doing anal.
"We did it in the back door and she gave me dry biscuits! She said i was the first!"
by Princesskittyface November 15, 2016
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