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While you are driving and listening to music, you bang on the steering wheel as if it were a drum set.
"Would you please pay attention to the road and stop drum driving!?"
by Professional Drum Driver April 10, 2010
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When a person is driving while listening to music, and rhythmically thumping on the steering wheel, as if playing the drums to the beat of the music. Most often observed at stop lights; also the person's lips are normally viewed attempting to sing or mouth the words to the song. On rare occasions, you may actually hear the person's voice and/or hear the 'thumps' of them drumming the steering wheel. On very rare occasions the person will close their eyes and raise their neck up to emphasis a high note, thus sitting at the stop light, even after the light turns green.
OMG, Robert, look at that girl sitting at the stop light singing and pounding away on her steering wheel; She's definately Drum Driving today! If she doesn't open her eyes soon, she's going to sit there through the green light!
by Towerguy Rob April 12, 2010
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When someone is driving a car while intoxicated (often on both beer and pot), but to such a degree that their demeanor and brain function are comparable to the infamous mike drum when he goes out drinking.
guy one: Dude, i should not have gone Drum Driving last night, we slammed into a parked tractor and totaled my car.

guy two: yea i could tell you were way to Drum to drive before you even got in the car
by imsodrum April 14, 2010
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