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Just a load of losers ranking Radiohead albums.
Kid A > OK Computer > In Rainbows = Amnesiac > Hail To The Thief > The Bends >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pablo Honey.

^Typical post of a DiSer (member of the website Drowned In Sound)
by can'treallytalk January 16, 2011
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Drowned in Sound is an Internet website dedicated to music of the more niche genres although really it just focuses on anything deemed to be more clever and interesting than the average.

The website is home to boards where people can DiScuss their favourite albums (the Music Board) or any shit, although preferably funny shit, that comes into their heads (the Social Board), although many people post on both there is a bit of jokey rivalry between the two boards.

The average user (or DiSer) is young and fairly intelligent, many are students, posts are generally well written and don't use text speak (due to an abundance of Grammar Nazis). Humour is central and mainly of a mock aggressive or self depreciative style.

You should probably be aware that JAGs, Trolls, LADS and Oasis fans will not be tolerated.
DiSer 1: I've just listened to the new Joanna Newsom album, it's great, I'm going to make a thread on the Music board about how she has progressed musically since 'The Milk Eyed Mender'.

DiSer 2: Hmmm, It's alright 'Ys' is better though, I think she's gone for too much of a commercial sound on the new record.

DiSer 1: Maybe, but she can't just remake the same album over and over again, and it's not her fault her voice has changed, she had a nodule operation.

DiSer 3: I don't like her, and there's no way I'm going to sit and listen to over two hours of indie folk, but I kind of fancy her so I'm going to go and make a thread on the Social Board about how she is FIT!

(N.B. This is an unlikely consersation as most users of Drowned in Sound don't actually talk to people in real life)
by can'treallytalk January 18, 2011
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