Top demon, never caught slipin. Runs Whitby and is cute asf. Man has like 8 body’s styl.
Yo fam that guys a Drover don’t mess w him
by Ashwin.snixpe July 08, 2020
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two of the worst replacements in Megadeth history. it can also be used as a verb to describe a pretentious way of doing things
ewww, give that back! you Drovered all over my guitar...
by t-rat June 11, 2008
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A designated drover is the responsible person in a group of intoxicated individuals on a night out.

Unlike the 'Designated Driver' they are allowed to be intoxicated, but not to the point that they can not think rationally enough to look after their fellow revelers.

This may include, making sure all of a group get to the next destination, stay off roads, don't eat dodgy hot dogs, kebabs, etc. They may also end up having the responsibility of soothing the individual lying in a pool of their own vomit or tears....

The designated drover can be determined prior to the commencement of an outing or assumed at some point in an unfolding crisis.
"If it wasn't for John the designated drover, I don't know how we would have got home last night."

You were lucky there was a designated drover, otherwise:

you'd have been hit by a car for sure.

you'd have gone home with that crazy_____ for sure.

you would have had vomit in your hair for sure.
by Blankchap November 16, 2011
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All Cock n Rib.
Australian slang for a skinny hard working bloke.
Geez that new blokes all cock n rib isnt he ?
Bit of a drovers dog.
by Matoman February 18, 2017
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n. Slightly greasy spot where a drover stood before the bushfires.

Mind how you step mate! Plenty of koala droppings about and one drover smudge the size of a Melbourne channel ferry.

Thought of buying a vaccy Burt? Might reduce the pong a bit.
by gnostic3 March 29, 2021
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