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The Dropzone. The place we all want to be all the time, when you enter you will know about it. (Once the pinger hits, thats when you drop, thats when you enter the Dropzone).
Roger: Have you entered the dropzone yet?

D'Shaun: Nah fam, give me 5 mins and I'll be in the dropzone.
by Wheeler Dealer April 01, 2015
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The area directly in front of a urinal in the men's room where there is chronically a little puddle of foul urine. This is caused by the little drops at the beginning and end of the flow that don't make it into the urinal because the guy doesn't want to stick his dick right into the dirty thing. However, the drop zone is an accepted part of the male culture, as is the default three inches from the actual urinal that you must stand in order not to pick up some disease from virtually humping the thing to avoid an addition to the drop zone. (another unfortunate result of standing too close to a urinal is splashback when your piss hits the vertical wall and deflects back at you in a hail of little drops)
"Woah woah, son. Always watch out for the drop zone when you pee in this thing. Keep your legs spread a little and your feet in a slighly outward angle, and you won't step in it."
'Okay, dad.'

by BioMenace November 16, 2006
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A place where skydiving is practised. Often abbreviated as DZ.

A drop zone consists usually of aerodrome and airplane maintaining facilities, landing site, manifest, clubhouse and social facilities, parachute packing hall and storage facilities.

Originally a military term for the target area where a paradrop is to be landed.
Tom, are you coming to the drop zone today after the work and do some jumps with me and Sarah? The weather report promises CAVOK until the sunset.
by Susanna Viljanen July 07, 2017
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Drop zoning is the act of have sex with a girl so hard and fast that her screams and moans are silenced by her pleasure.
Last night he drop zoned me, it was amazing.
by RPP September 06, 2010
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A method of masturbation, or a way of performing a handjob in which the hand slowly moves up the shaft, followed by an incredibly fast jerk to the bottom. Repeat as needed. Named for its similarity to the "Drop Zone" ride at Paramount Canada's Wonderland.
"So, I heard you got a handjob."

"Yeah, she gave me a drop zone."
by AndyAML April 02, 2004
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The area of a person's head, roughly in the shape of a blindfold tied around their eyes, that if hit with a bullet will cause instantaneous death. This is regardless of the angle of entry of the bullet. A term used by snipers.
Aim for the drop zone rookie! Don't take chances!
by b4s8ken January 14, 2017
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That area at the bottom of the hole in an outhouse directly under most peoples asses where most of the crap hits.
I dropped my bic lighter in the outhouse last night. If it hadn't landed in the drop zone I'd have fished it out.
by Pud'n Tain November 14, 2010
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