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Programmed and Brainwashed by the Corporate Media of the various governments around the world,.

When applied to Americans specifically, those who think that America is a country/nation (when its very Constitution states otherwise), that Islam is not a religion but a 'brutal government', who blindly supports the killing off of Civilians in Imperialistic Wars, and so on and so forth...

Basically; your average Mainstream Media Idiot
Joe is such a dronefag, eating up everything Fox News tells him

"I hate that dronefag Marcus, he really cannot think for himself"

You are all being dronefags
by Kellimus Maximus November 04, 2011
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An individual who blindly follows what they hear/read/see, without proper reasoning, logic and/or research.

Someone who is just a follower of what they hear, instead of doing proper research, or does not even ask any questions
"Because this website says its a scam; it must be a scam!" Jordan said, "Jordan; you're being such a dronefag right now," replied Alex

"I heard from the television that the Middle East hates our freedom, so it must be true because the media says so!"

"The CIA of the United States never brought in drugs to pay for the freedom fighters in the Iran-Contra affair, that's a crackpot Conspiracy Theory!!"
by Kellimus Maximus November 06, 2011
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