When your girlfriend says she's as wet as an aquarium.
Her vagina is Dripping Wet
Honey, I'm waiting for you to come back home... I'm dripping wet...
by ItaMasta August 22, 2018
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Drip Wet (adj.), often stylized as DripWet or #DripWet, is used to describe the status of someone who has been thoroughly turned on by something sexy AF. Drip Wet is not only the literal physical condition of sex parts but also a way of life.
Zack's beard is nice AF, it had 'em all Drip Wet

Alessandra's body is banging, she made all those dudes Drip Wet

Alex had me Drip Wet but then I saw his teeth
by RetroJuba March 28, 2016
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a condom that is dripping wet from heavy amounts of sperm, normally frm people like MoonMan
damn moonman stop havin sex with <tool_freak>! he's not a cat
by your dad July 10, 2003
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When your girl is Cumming so much that there is nothing left and it's just drip dripping and wet wet
Yeah me and Janet f*cked so hard last night I left her drip drip wet wet
by Drip drip wet wet October 15, 2018
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