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The least prettiest girl in an orgy, you wouldn't put your best load in her, but you could shake some out at the end to keep her smiling.
That chick was so gross I wouldn't even use her for my drip cup.
by buddah_44 September 30, 2014
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1.The real reason for the feed bag hanging on the back of your sister's door.

2. The mouth of anyone so lame that everything they say makes you absolutely sure they spend most of their day with it full of dick.

3. standard 3 ring elastic lower body 100% cotton landing strip, 5 per pack, Monday - friday plus one special monthly liner, hand wash form-fitting,odor absorbing, tapered speed bumps connected by the sticky center arch speed bump, socially unacceptable offensive muff-and-ring sling, with wings or strings optional, for best results discard butter side up thong inspiring lines.
{def.'s 1&2} He said your sister's knickname should be fluffer. The way he ran his mouth they are obviously both drip cups.

{def. 3} Your mom's, granny's, and great aunt's drip cup old school panties!!!
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009
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