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Dresiarz, plural dresiarze,literally tracksuiters, is a Polish word for "casuals", named for eponymous tracksuits (dres, plural dresy) they are wearing. They are usually portrayed as agressive, dumb people living in tenement blocks. The stereotypical dresiarz's vehicle is the FIAT "Maluch" 126p, and the most common words said by them are in the common opinion "Czy masz jakiś problem?" ("Do you have a problem?"), "kurwa" and "wpierdol" (literally "inf--k", meaning beating somebody up.) Some dresiarze are also skinheads.They are generally hooligans and should be avoided. For more info, visit the page Dres on Aunt Wikipedia.
Jakiś dresiarz ukradł mi rower - Some dresiarz (casual) stole my bike.
Dresy dadzą ci wpierdol - The tracksuits'll give you an inf--k (beat you up)
by Jaluchodonozor August 30, 2011
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