Dreamybullxxx is an erotic African-American streamer that started his "modelling career" in early 2019. Recently, in 2022, he has been gaining traction due to the rise of the popularity in "nigga twerk" and hoodthug nsfw memes. These are memes that include big black African men twerking or committing other nsfw acts. He has gained popularity due to his extensive use of long moans and swearing when ejaculating. His most popular phrases being "Im boutta nut","Im boutta blow", and "Im boutta cum" in his masturbation videos. He Not much is known about Dreamybull's personal life or about him himself
Person 1: Yo check out this new Dreamybullxxx meme!!
Dreamybullxxx in video:" IM BOUTTA CUMM EEYAHAAHAHHAHH"
Person 2: Hahah thats so funny show me more!!
Person 1: Check this other video out
Dreamybullxxx in video: "IM BOUTTA NUT- IM BOUTTA BLOW!"
by BRUDDAOSAS123123 March 29, 2022
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Perell Laquarius Brown famously known as "DreamybullXXX" or "Ambatukam, Omaygot" is an african-american man famous from Thugposting memes on internet. He was once a youth pastor and dons his channel named NerdTek but didnt see it much successful. He makes a living by selling Anal Lubricants and selling NSFW videos on Onlyfans and JustForFans.

He was famous for his "Ambatukam" "Ambasing" "Omaygot" "Ambatunat" videos of him on some bait memes whereas it starts totally not nsfw then transitions to him stroking his large penis; moaning and saying AMBATUKAAM. He is commonly seen at discord or reddit
"Fuck i got baited by Dreamybull again"
"Thank you so much, Thank you. Im bout to buss, cuz im bussing, AMBASING, OHHH SHITT" -DreamybullXXX
by ILoveThugs May 21, 2022
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a very sexy man who jerks off
“ambouttokam” “ambouttabuss” “amboutanut” is some sayings from DreamyBullxxx
by krisstech August 24, 2022
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