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Dreamvapora- A term used to describe when you awaken from a dream so intense and filled with detail, and think to yourself, "there is no possible way I am going to forget it"- yet 30 seconds later you attempt to remember what the dream was about, and it seems as if it was evaporated into the plethora of your forgotten dreams. All that is left after that, is a confused mind that just wants to go back to the unconscious world to try and relive the dream that you know you remember, but really don't. It is like getting wasted on alcohol and blacking out. During that black out you semi-consciously knew what was going on, however the next day through the pain of the hangover, you can't remember a thing you did during those hours of intoxication.
The dream I had last night was indescribable. I wish I could tell you more about it but I had a dreamvapora that makes me feel like my brain just farted.
by Paulin98 October 03, 2017
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