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A dreamseller is somebody who "sells" a dream of them not being who they really are. They say whatever they can to make others believe they are better off than they really are. They tell what people want to hear.
They sell a dream of being someone else's view, whether right or wrong.
At some degree we all have a dreamseller in us, but you cant be a full blown dreamseller unless your case is extremely bad to the point of leading a double life.
the term was coined by brandon novak.
There's also a book about his addiction with this title.
brandon novak is dreamseller, he "sold the dream that he was a recovering addict, with a job and a good life. In reality he was a homeless heroin addict threw out on the streets selling his body for dope pills.
by dreamseller January 30, 2009
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1 drug dealer

2 Brandon Novak's nick name, given to him by Bam Margera.

3 A moive coming out some time in 2006. Directed by Bam Margera, its the life story of Brandon Novak.
Ricky: dude i cant wait to see dream seller.
Elliot: i hope its as good as Haggard.
by Rickybob28 March 02, 2006
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A drug dealer. Refers to the dream like state in which drugs put one after one smokes, snorts, injects, swallows, or freebases said drugs.
Oh my god, that funky ass shit my dream seller sold me was super duper dank-o-licious.
by Greg Treebury November 12, 2005
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1. A drug dealer

2. A smooth operating male that seeks to impress females by giving them false promises, referring to the girl as 'sweetheart', 'honey' and 'babe'.

3. Brandon Novak's nickname.
1. A dream seller got arrested.

2. The dream seller picked up a cutie by saying he was going to marry her and get them a house in the mountains.

3. The Dream Seller told a funny story on radio bam last monday.
by goodfeel April 14, 2006
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its a name to call someone when they are on herion or just a sang word for the name herion
"Why would I call you dreamseller, that's a name for heroin"
by kier tufan June 13, 2007
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