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The act of verbally sharing or expressing dreams, ideals, or improbable plans with others as if they had some validity to them. An extension of the proverb "counting chickens before they have hatched", this phrase is the equivalent to not only counting the chickens, but generously distributing them out to friends, family, and acquaintances.
*Examples of Dream with one's mouth open.

A: My band is getting a really good response at facebook and we're getting more and more people following us at twitter. It's just matter of time before we're picked up by a label so we can release our CD and go on tour.
B: Stop dreaming with your mouth open. It's just sad...

A: Ooh, I'm going to be hooking up with someone tonight at the party.
B: Dude, didn't your mother ever tell you not to dream with your mouth open?

A: So she told me that she was talking to a massive client and that we should be getting some decent work soon.
B: Yeah, and she tends to dream with her mouth open. I wouldn't hold your breath.
by Otho Faure October 06, 2011
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