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A person who loves, craves, and/or thrives on drama. Although this person is perfectly capable of leading a happy, drama free life, he/she often seeks out and/or stirs up drama just to make themself feel as if they are involved of something important and exciting. The reality of the matter is they are only liked by others for a short time, while they are still viewed as a person with the "inside scoop" or by being a "good friend" for disclosing information. Once they are found out, they are labled as a dramaphiliac and become victims of their own passion.
Nick: Ugh, my ex tried to start some shit with me this weekend again! That broad knew she had nothing on me, so just to piss me off she took my dog!

Amy: No way! Good thing you bounced that bitch to the curb! She always tried to stir up shit that wasn't there in the first place. Good riddance!

Nick: Right?! She is such a dramaphiliac!
by fatcat123 December 29, 2010
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