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The act of Turning the "take care" version of drake. aka someone who cries about females to the point of needing to be placed on a suicide watch.

*see tags for other choice of words*
Dude 1: did you hear about jeff?
Dude 2: i heard his Girlfriend broke up with him.
Dude 1: yea now hes on Facebook acting all Drakish.
Dude 2: what did he do?
Dude 1: hes posting a whole bunch of depressing statuses about females and posting songs that are equally depressing

Dude 1: i think he needs to be played on a suicide watch
by That1BlackDude September 03, 2012
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A religion formed by Antonio C. It's a religion about the acceptance of all people and other religion. It's basically top religion, some might say.
My religion is Drakish
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by Drakish Religion November 01, 2018
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