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The part of a song featuring (or principally by) Drake where the high frequency content of the music is removed or filtered and typically a pad synth is added and Drake breaks into his singing voice. If the song uses a drum break or otherwise "real sounding" drums for the other sections of the song, then those will be replaced by filtered drum machine sounds during the Drakedown. This often sudden change in the music allows Drake to sing in his typical style and scale without clashing with the rest of the beat, which otherwise may not be appropriate for the Drake Voice. The Drakedown can be the bridge or the chorus.

Drakedowns are sometimes added to songs that previously did not have them (or Drake). This happens when a song becomes somewhat popular but isn't appropriate for top 40 radio play because it does not have Drake on it. The Drakedown reached the pinnacle of its popularity in 2010/2011. The future of the Drakedown in popular music is uncertain.
"The Drakedown on 'Aston Martin Music' makes my pussy wet!"
by Lopato July 23, 2013
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