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a period where you are not quite broken up with someone but emotionally distant in a way that only the soft Rap and R&B songs of Rapper drake can explain. The messages in the songs seem to mean more to you, in this period, than they ever have in spite of not a single word or phrase changing in them, the listener merely exaggerates them to promote their own bullshit. A drake up may in some cases occur between lovers or non-romantically involved, individuals and larger bodies of people, and can in fact be most severe between two male platonic friends. Drake ups contribute highly to music revenue of Rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham, however drakes music does not have to be all you listen to while going through a drake up, or music at all for that matter. During a Drake up one may re-sight Drake lyrics or even normal phrases that characterized the "I'm so troubled but not really" vibe his music is known for.
James: "Hey are we still going out tonight I called Dave but he hasn't answered all day"
Kelly:"Oh Dave is mad at you. You didn't notice his new haircut"
James:"Oh shit I better go apologize before we drake up, you know Marvin's room is his favorite song."
by sovreignpeasent June 19, 2015
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