When one is intensely vibing to the music of Drain Gang.
"I'm drained out to Obedient by bladee and ECCO2K."
Alternate Verbal Use:
"I'm draining out to Obedient by bladee and ECCO2K."
by 333sike September 26, 2019
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A verb meaning to abstain from smoking marijuana. To take a break or lessen yourself from getting high. The period in which someone refrains or stops their intake of marijuana. Extracting marijuana and THC out of your sytem. To bring your senses back to normal.
Homie#1: Aye bro you tryna hit this cart in the bathroom before lunch?
Homie #2: Nah bro I’m too fried rn and I’m tryna drain out.
Homie #1: Alright bet
Homie #1: Yo dawg! I’ve been drained out for two weeks can I chief on your blunt?
Homie #2: HELL YEAH MAN! it’s pretty SMACK!
by Young Walt April 3, 2019
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Draining the granny out of something is when you get every little last bit.
*person who is known for taking large sips* "hey ,can I have a sip of your drink?"
*person with drink* "sure but don't drain the granny out of it"
by elioisie July 9, 2017
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