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1) A dragon (usually male) who takes the form of a human to either kill or to spy on the human race. The dragon is usally put in an elite group of dragons before being sent on the mission. It usually ends in suicide of the Dragon, however.

2) The Offical Male sex symbol
1) Hey! That Dragoona is killing my children!

2) Man, Dragoona is ssoo hot, I could just eat him up!
by .... April 06, 2004
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That guy from that movie who did that one scene where he went into that building and shot that one guy in that part of the body then talked for five minutes on that one phone. He also was that guy who scored with that really hot chick and won that award at that award ceremony. He's also in that band and plays that instrument with his hands.
"Dude, Dragoona was awesome in that flick!"
by That manager guy October 20, 2004
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