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To engage in aggressive oral sex with the intention of causing physical harm by so doing.

Oral sex, or fellatio, intimately involving generous application of teeth (particularly the canines).
Bone had removed his trousers in preparation for the French delicacy to come... he was unaware, however, that Seana intended to dragonface his loins.

Only in his wildest nightmares and horrifying flights of fantasy did Tyler expect that he might be forced to dragonface another man... yet this exact fear confronted him today.
by Donaorf May 03, 2011
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1. the most awful expression an individual can contort his face into; 2. when you get so angry you are nearly breathing fire; 3. the way you know you are about to see the absolute worst of your significant other.
β€œOnce you see a person’s dragon face there’s no going back.”
by what'sadictionary? July 24, 2010
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A look of intense concentration associated with an activity of little to no importance

taken from the appearance of someone trying to play Dragon Force's "Through the Fire and the Flames" on guitar hero III
(2 people watch a video of someone playing through the fire and the flames on youtube)

person 1: "God damn! looks like he's about to complete it!"
person 2: "yeah, but after getting that dragonface on youtube was it worth it?"
by giant bee January 07, 2008
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When you grab a chick by the back of her head and face fuck her mouth slamming in and out with no regard for human life. Her face looks like one of those roaring Chinese dragon heads as she tries to back out of it.
"How was Lori last night?"
"Turns out she like's it rough, gives great head"
"Yeah, did you dragonface her?"
by Illadelphi-A July 29, 2008
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