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When you take a fat hit and blow the smoke into your partners booty hole. The resulting fart is an expulsion of smoke, similar to a dragon.
Guy 1: I was smoking with her last night and gave her a dragon booty

Guy 2: dank bro *high fives*
by Discobooty5000 February 18, 2018
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Bruh... Dragon Booty is when you and your friends mix loud and dirty mid that is laced with cocaine together in a blunt and smoke it in an attempt to get high. This will taste like burning trash and will probably make you through up, after enduring a coughing fit of course.
You: man what is this shit?
Friend: dragon booty dude what else.

You: it taste like asshole...
Friend: nah gir that's the taste of dragon booty on the real.
by Shorty McStackn July 08, 2014
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