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Well, if you were a brony, you sure recognized this chaotic creature...
Regarding to it's kinda abomination form. Draconequus itself is derived from two Latin words namely: "Draco" means dragon; while "Equus" means horse.
My friend: "Hey, do you know what creature is Discord?"
Me: "Draconequus. It's derived from Latin, and it shortly means "Horse-dragon"
by linguisticbrony December 23, 2017
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Draconequus are a chimera species like Griffins, being a fusion of many more creatures. Discord himself had a lion's paw, a griffins talon, a lizard tail, a reptiles legs and a goat's leg. He also had two yellow eyes with red pupils and two mismatched horns on his head. Two mismatched wings, a pegasus wing and a bat wing adorned Discord's back and his head was roughly ponyesque.
Twilight Sparkle: Look over there! There's Discord the Goat Dragon!
Discord: I'm a Draconequus you dingus!
by NaturalCauzes October 27, 2017
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