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A form of stress suffered by all security officers, especially when they have to rush back and forth and are always forgetting things. One major symptom of Drabble's Disease is the constant going back and forth to retrieve something you forgot. The disease was named in honor of the world's greatest mall cop, Sergeant Ralph E. Drabble, Jr.
Ralph: Oh no, I've got to go to work here in a second. But I forgot my wallet. (He finds his wallet) Bye!

Rose: Bye Ralph, have a great day! (she sits down and starts reading)

Ralph: (coming back) Sorry, forgot my cell phone. Dang Drabble's Disease! Come to think of it, I forgot my lunch.

Rose: Drabble's Disease?! What in the world is that?

Ralph: Its what happens when mall cops get stressed. We forget everything. Its terrible! We have to do jumping jacks just to calm down.

Rose: Have you tried other forms of therapy?

Ralph: (he punches the air with anger) Yes, but I don't know what else helps. Darn mall cops! We don't know what to do when this hits.

Rose: Try massage or walking back and forth making healing noises. That's what always works for me! The more stressed you are, the harder it is.

Ralph: OK, maybe massage and Qigong would help. You sure know what you're talking about.

Rose: Sure, I've studied this stuff for years. Its not easy! But you've got to eaaaaaase away that Drabble's Disease.
by Dusty's Baby Powder September 15, 2011
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