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One who has a doctorate degree with many circus friends, breaths fire while trying to impress men at bars, sweats bullets profusely, wears the same set of vested long sleeve shirt combos, loves the University of Texas with a passion, only gets 4 hours of sleep (since thursday!), tortures haley, elissa, and kelly, has ruined countless lives and sophomore years, cries when parents speak to her, voice quiver/stutters aggressively, get angry at questions asked by her students, TO THE BENCHES, only speaks about her PLATNUM wedding ring, invites student who dont give a shit about her pathetic life with a fake husband to her wedding in july, is a lesbian, is hated by everyone in westhill highschool and everyone in the world and Mrs. Dodida, PLAGERIZES AP work from other schools to give to her honors kids, is allergic to chalk however decided to dress up as wednesday for halloween even though she gets it in her eye and wont use the chalkboard until she gets a smart board, uses jacob for her light issues, gets "falling finger" therapy, drives for 24 hours straight, drinks only water, doesnt like you to eat tomatos/gum, NO EATING IN CLASS, refuses to give test and quizzes back, twirls fingers and claps hand to get attention, ONLY CLOSED TOED SHOES, loves broken glassware, hates Ilya, and, FOR YOUR INTENTS AND PURPOSES, is a chemistry teacher/she cannot teach if her life depended on it.
-Dude, who's your chem teacher next year?
-Dr. Johns.

-Why are you crying?
-I had a double with Dr. Johns today.
-Say no more.

-Why is your nose bleeding?
-Dr. Johns just tried explaining chemistry to me.

-Just go to the nurse.
by Utexas Lover June 25, 2009
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The Night Tripper himself, King of New Orleans, Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya and Zu Zu Man
They call me Dr John, known as the Nighttripper
I got a sazzle of gris gris in my hands
I been trippin up back down the bayou
I'm the last of the best they call me the gris gris man
by m16 June 14, 2007
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