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If someone is DTR, it means that they are excited to do basically anything. This is especially true of situations of craziness, ridiculousness, randomness, and spontaneity.

DTR can be a lifestyle. It can also be a mood.
me - "Hey, we're not doing anything... Wanna go light some stuff on fire?"

friend - "Sure, man! I'm down to ride!"

me - "Later we can go climb some buildings and point laser pointers at drunk people!"

friend - "Totally DTR."
by TrevorX3 April 15, 2013
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down to ride

=down to retaliate,

comes from the biker slang "ride or die" thus meaning: you are down to "ride" for someones death.
"they shot mike!!"
"lets do this, im down to ride!!"
by 0006785 August 06, 2018
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If someone is "Down to Ride" he have always lust to go with his Bicycle, no matter if the temperataur is below zero, bad weather or if it`s night. "There`s no bad weather. Only bad cloth...." is something he could say, or "Eh man, whats up? Don`t be lazy, get up and go biking!!"
Man, he is definitely down to ride...
IĀ“m down to ride
by Snigga_nr1 March 21, 2011
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