A phrase meant to convey your willingness to participate in something; A way of saying "yes," that expresses genuine excitement and/or happiness.
So, Talisa...Would you like to knock some boots?
Sure, George, I'm 'down to clown!'
by D.Avenger March 11, 2005
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When a person is willing to engage in promiscuous and/or after hours activities with you.
“Did you say hey to Sara while you were at the bar?” “Yeah we hung out all night and she was all over, she’s totally down to clown.”
by McDoogle February 13, 2018
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Willing to be able to be a clown for the day.
"Hey George are you down to clown?"
"Yes, I've always got my clown costume available!:
by OooozeR August 21, 2022
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To engage in shenanigans, allowing all inhibitions to be released into one glorious act of tomfoolery.
- Did you see the hott piece last night?
- Yeah, she was totally Down to Clown!
by Robb the Knob 937 February 1, 2010
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This phrase, also said as "DTC" is used when accepting to attend a plan or to commit to doing something.
Jackson: Hey, You want to hit up a party later?
Henry: Yeah man, I'm down to clown.

George: Could you help me move this log?
Henry: Yeah man, I'm DTC.
by TheGasMaskGuy September 6, 2011
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To be willing/able to drink a lot and goof off. It could also mean just being really game to do something...anything.
by TheBMillz January 24, 2011
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Person a: down to clown?

Person b: why does that sound weirdly kinky? But sure
by Killerbueh July 30, 2016
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