A Dousche Bag Dad is a worthless excuse for a parent that runs off and leaves his family for a dirty whore skank who he marries soon after the divorce is final. Then this worthless pile of crap gets his new wife pregnant, which means that his other child is going to suffer. A Dousche Bag dad never shows up at his child's sporting event and rarely shows an interest in anything else his child is doing because his new family is his main focus. The Dousche Bag Dad also terrorizes his ex by being a total fuck nugget by stirring up shit because he is miserable with his new family so he decides to make his ex miserable as well because he hates his life and wants to fight over custody arrangements that he agreed to.
Q: Honey, have you ever noticed that Jake's dad never shows up to watch his child participate in sporting events.

A: Yeah Jake's Dad is a real dousche bag dad that never shows up to any sporting events.

Q: Honey, have you noticed that Jake's dad hasn't been at their house in quite some time

A: Yeah Jake's dad is a true dousche bag dad that ran for the hills when times got tough and hooked up with a dirty whore skank and now they have their own child so Jake is suffering because his dad couldn't keep his penis in his pants while his wife was out of town.
by FUNNY GUY 77 July 15, 2011
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