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Acronym for: "Dull Overpaid Ugly People Who Actually Rate Themselves"

Singular Doupwart.

Often found queueing for expensive clubs late at night in global financial centres, but can be found elsewhere . Typified by 25-year-old investment bankers who believe that having a high-powered job is fast-track membership to some kind of social elite. More often they're just geeky kids who worked too hard at school and haven't yet learnt that most people aren't impressed by just earning money.
"Check out that greasy guy over there trying to impress those girls with his business card and gold Amex. They couldn't look more bored."

"Yeah, total loser. What a Doupwart."
by Punanimal November 22, 2006
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Acronym, standing for: Dull Overpaid Ugly People Who Actually Rate Themselves.

DOUPWARTs are typically 25-year-old investment bankers who hang around in clubs in financial capitals e.g. Pangaea in London and behave like they are God's Chosen People on account of having big flashy jobs. They seem to think that working 100 hours a week in return for ยฃ100k a year makes them special, when in fact they are just overpaid drones doing a job that the next crop of 25-year-olds will fill. They are typically the geeky kids at school who think that working for a big bank admits them to a trendy social elite, when in fact they are just a rare breed of sheep. The clubs love them because they fail to pull repeatedly, and keep opening their wallets in an attempt to overcome this.
Hey man, check out that guy over there trying to pull those ugly blondes. Looks like he could be a character in American Psycho.
Ha ha yeah man, dancing like a total DOUPWART. What a jerk.
by Punanimale October 02, 2006
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