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An orgasm with that special little touch that only a Douglas can provide and one of the highest honors he can grant a lady. It is common to see lots of aggression, sweating, freakishly contorted facial expressions, and screaming while taking of the lord's name in vain during a Dougasm. When receiving a Dougasm one must remember to keep their eyes closed since exposure can lead to irritation, redness, swelling or even temporary blindness. After performing a successful Dougasm a Douglas is usually stricken with an urge to feast on a hearty meal and then fall into a deep death-like slumber until he awakens once more and is ready to volley another Dougasm onto another lucky lady. It has been said that receiving a Dougasm triggers a euphoric feeling similar to hitting the lottery, winning the superbowl or meeting God and knowing your getting into heaven.
I had a Dougasm inside her without a condom on so I had to change my phone number the next day.
by Douglas-Dono February 03, 2010
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